He may look as sweet as Aunt Mabel's Rubarb Pie, but - believe us - Herr Maus is the Demon Seed! With a ruthlessness that would make James Cameron cringe, he has ripped out the hearts of web designers everywhere, only because they were silly enough to ask to be considered for The Screaming Mouse!

Since he hasn't exactly been forthcoming as to how he decides who gets his Ja, and who gets his Nein, Me, Cousin Ed, and The Boys shanghaied Herr Maus from his posh digs inside Mel Gibson's liquor cabinet, and dangled him in front of a bunch of hungry alley cats. Needless to say, the gutless wonder began singing like a canary! Hence, we are finally able to present...

The Screaming Mouse Set of Standards:

Eins -- Friendli-ness: Do you need a PhD in Computer Science just to get around?

Zwei -- Being-ness: Why is this Bozo wasting your time?

Drei -- Bitchin'-ness: If the layout makes Herr Maus want to "roll around in moldy
Gouda", well, that's like a Blessing from the Pope!

If you would like to nominate a site, click on Grampa and give us a yell. Who knows? You may get famous. Or you may get rabies!


AUGIES Not your father's Starbucks!



THE HORIZONTAL WAY Full right angle!

BEATRIX POTTER Not Harry's mom!

SEAEK Lomo-motion!

TCM That's a wrap!

DANCING DEER Martha Stewart crumbles with envy!

GRAMPA'S PIZZERIA Even Grandma Would Approve!

DOUGHNUT PLANT A hole in one!

TABLE GRAPES Before they were Raisins!

WEBER Tailgaters of the world, unite!


JOSLYN ART MUSEUM Pretty pictures!

BEHR PAINT Prime(r) Time!

THE NUTTY BIRDWATCHER Feathered friends!

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