Baby Ed

Cousin Ed was born in Worcester. He held his breath for 14 minutes, and froze the right side of his body. Unfortunately, no one from The Guinness Book of World Records was there to witness this monumental event. He self-induced over a dozen bouts of pneumonia. He even made his left lung collapse! Still, the Guinness people ignored him. Hence, began his mindless rampage!

When Ed was 11, his family hauled him off to Boulder City. As revenge, he came down with strep throat, but all he got for his troubles was a shot of penicillin in the patootie!

A counselor at Ed's junior college, for reasons we would rather not contemplate, helped him get into to USC, where, despite his best efforts, he graduated in 1994. He has been living in Mentone since 2004.

When he isn't blubbering about the injustice of dermatitis, Ed likes to take pictures.

Behold! The Apocalypse is upon us!

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