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This... is Ed...

and you have just stumbled upon the one and (we hope) only Official Page of Cousin Ed!

Me, Cousin Ed, and The Boys - not the sharpest knives in the drawer - finally figured out how to update our piece o'cybercrap, thanks to His Worship! And it only took us five years! Imagine what we can do in twenty?!

Anyhoo, as we try to wrap our wee minds around CORE, we'll post more of Ed's ravings not fit for this world and - Joy! - more Screaming Mouse winners!

Our modest contributions to the destruction of all that is holy - Kingdom Come, The Second Coming, and our "masterpiece" Joe and Marilyn - have been unleashed unto an undeserving world -- AT LAST! Just click on Other Junk I've Done... if you dare!

My So-Called Life!

Other Junk I've Done!

Unser Freund Ernst!

The Screaming Mouse!


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